Yorkville's Vegan Restaurant Planta

Planta opened in September of last year to great acclaim. Helmed by Chef David Lee, the plant-based restaurant first started as a menu at French restaurant Colette last spring. Lee started cooking plant-based meals after one of his clients requested it. 

"It was a lot of experimenting. This style of cooking is new to us and we couldn't fall back on the traditional culinary pillars that we were used to," said Lee. "We wanted to create dishes with amazing flavours, and textures that would stand-up beside any other menu, not just plant-based." 

Chef David Lee serves as the Executive Chef at the Chase Hospitality Group's (the people behind Colette, and Kasa Moto) latest venture. The menu is inspired by cuisines from all around the world, and is made with 100 per cent organic ingredients. Planta is not vegan for trends sake, but it has a more social conscience about the plant-based concept. Chef Lee explains: 

"The Food and Agriculture industry is not sustainable from an environmental or economical standpoint and as restaurateurs, that's a reality we are facing every day. We wanted to create a restaurant that would stand the test of time, by offering delicious food without relying on animal products."

Planta's cocktail's are made cold-pressed juice cocktail menu, that includes their signature Planta Punch, and their popular Beauty and the Beet. All of their menus, including their cold-pressed juice is available for take-out. 

The restaurant seats 165, including a 32-seat private dining area. The multi-level restaurant has lots of natural light coming through their large Bay Street windows.

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