Toronto's Latest Winter Patio: Bar Reyna

Bar Reyna has officially opened their winter patio! The Yorkville bar, which opened last summer, is joining the likes of their neighbours, Hemingway's, Gusto 101, and Cold Tea, aiming to be a destination for those who are brave enough to dine outside in the colder months.

The patio is located in the back of the restaurant, so you’ll have to make your way through their massive bar to get to the secluded patio. Walking down the long corridor, it opens up into a multi-level seating area that is just as cozy as it is warm.

The people at Bar Reyna are well aware of the cold that Canadian winters bring, and they came prepared. There are four massive heating lamps, that will keep you so warm, you’ll forget you're outside (I took my coat off in -5 degree weather, people).

There’s a rustic feel to this place, partly because of the single brick wall that is adorned with potted plants, and partly because of the wooden benches that line those walls. The patio is half covered by an awning, half covered by a roof structure, with a built-in skylight.

Not that you’ll have to worry much about lights, there are string-lights a-plenty at Bar Reyna. Hung up high from the awning, and wrapped around their fire escape, it actually sets a picture-perfect ambiance that I know all the Instagrammers in the city will love.

The patio seats about 48 people at a time and is fully licensed, so you can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine with their tapas.

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