Toronto is Now Home to the World's First Charcoal Tacos

If you're living in Toronto or somewhere in the vicinity, you have definitely stumbled upon or read about the recent charcoal trend that has been popping up in desserts across the city. The latest restaurant to join in on the charcoal fun is Mi Taco

They are now home to possibly to the world's only charcoal taco shells! Owner and mother-daughter duo, Lidia and Vanessa Caschera create all of their tortillas from scratch. It took a little bit of time to perfect. 

"It took me about two or three times to get the tortilla just right," explained Lidia. "We got it to a light grey colour, we didn't want it to be too black."

The charcoal taco shell is a welcome addition to an already robust menu. Everything at Mi Taco is made in-house, save the tortilla chips, which are made specially for the Queen West restaurant. Every traditional Mexican flavour is there, including Carnita, Picadillo, Tinga de Pollo, Carne Asada and more. They are famous for their house-made cremas, which come in traditional, cilantro lime and chipotle. 

As for seasonal items there's only a couple more weeks to get your hands on their Mexican Street Roasted Corn. The grilled corn is is tender, delicious and addictive! It is cut off the cob then layered with the signature cremas, and queso fresco y, and finished with a wedge of lime. 

While the charcoal tacos look different, the taste is unaltered. It's really about the health benefits of activated charcoal, which is said to absorb toxins in the body, and of course the Instagram-able tacos!  

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