Lays Chalet Sauce Chips

UPDATE: Exciting news! Lays Chalet Sauce chips will soon be available in stores! They are set to hit grocery store shelves on November 1st. 

In collaboration with Swiss Chalet, Lays has launched a new flavour of chips! Perhaps the most Canadian flavour, besides poutine of course, Frito Lays introduced their Chalet Sauce potato chips earlier this month. The savoury sauce has been a staple at Swiss Chalet since 1954, and has since developed a cult following.

The flavour of the Chalet Sauce chips is on par with the sauce. That familiar peppery flavour mixed with the crunch of Lays chips is addictive, and I definitely couldn’t eat just one. They are the perfect accompaniment to a rotisserie chicken sandwich.

If you’re a lover of Chalet Sauce these chips are a must try.

You can grab a bag at Swiss Chalet restaurants in 255g and 40g bags. They are only available while quantities last! 


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