Cannabis Regulation: Leafly Prepares Toronto's Chefs and Home Cooks

With the legalization of marijuana taking effect next summer, chefs across the city are getting prepared to offer edibles in a delicious and responsible way. Leafly, an online marijuana resource, is helping them do that. 

As of right now, Ontario has been silent on the legal edibles front, but plans to address the legislation a year after July 1, 2018. Until then, Leafly ambassador Chef Chris Brown plans on spreading knowledge and instruction on how to safely incorporate cannabis into your cooking at home. 

"Edibles shouldn't be legal yet, only because people need to understand how to use cannabis," explained Brown. "I think people really need to be safe and learn as much as they can about the flour and other ways of incorporating it into their food." 

As well as offering information on the different strains and LCBO regulated dispensaries, Leafly will provide information on the best and safest ways for new users to use the plant at home. On their website and app they offer recipes and suggestions on how much to consume.  

When it comes to restaurants offering cannabis friendly desserts or dishes, Chef Brown likens the experience to cooking with alcohol. 

"Working with regulated cannabis you're able to do many more creative things," said Brown. "It's a matter of understanding the client, understanding what their needs are, and coming up with a flavour profile." 

While professional chefs have to wait until July 2019 before they can start selling edibles, home cooks can educate themselves on Leafly's website or app, using it as a resource to learn how to responsibly cook and consume regulated marijuana. 

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