BeaverTails Opens a Location on Toronto's Waterfront

BeaverTails, one of Canada's most popular pastry shops, now has a permanent home on the Toronto Waterfront. Torontonians used to have to wait for the summer food truck scene to get their hands on the treat, but the first ever Toronto storefront is open year round.

The space includes a seating area and a lakeside patio, open during the warmer months. The rustic feel of the place, complete with canoe and ore decals, complete the overall theme of Canadiana.

BeaverTails are a deep fried pastry, that have become a pseudo-national dish over the years. The pastries are topped with garnishes like sugar and cinnamon, Nutella and bananas, Reese Pieces and peanut butter, cinnamon and apples and more. Also on the menu are items like poutine, gelato and smoothies.

The gelato and smoothies are made from Moozoo, BeaverTails' homemade dairy products, with all natural ingredients. Gelato flavours include tiramisu, birthday cake and chocolate. During the winter months, the menu has hot beverages, like the signature hot chocolate, French Vanilla and coffee.

With the opening of the storefront, the BeaverTails kiosk at the waterfront will no longer be open, but you will still see the food truck around the city this food truck season.

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