BeaverTails Canada Celebrates their 40th Birthday with Free BeaverTails for Everyone

BeaverTails is celebrating their big 4-0 with the first ever National BeaverTails Pastry Day and they want you to celebrate with them!

Starting at 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. today, their Waterfront location will be giving away free Classic Cinnamon and Sugar pastries! 

Plus, on June 4 BeaverTails will be selling a Birthday Cake BeaverTail pastry. The limited edition pastry is topped with vanilla icing and sprinkles, a mini cupcake and a sparkler! They will only be available until September 30.

BeaverTails made their debut at Killaloe Fair west of Ottawa in 1978. A family recipe, the cinnamon and sugar BeaverTails were a hit and now, 40 years later, they have 140 locations across Canada and the U.S.  


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